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by doug ~ October 23rd, 2012

CFS Fighters

Combat Fight Series RESULTS

June 21, 2014

Ford Idaho Center

Main Event
Darrell Flores wins via submission against Talon Hofman Rd 1 Heel hook

Co Main
Gabriel Miranda wins via TKO ref stoppage against Tommy Tuner Rd 1

Calvin Kerns wins via TKO ref stoppage against Brandon Nichols Rd 1

Leon Taylor wins via submission against Vincente Delafuentes Rd1 Rear naked choke

Michael Garcia wins via TKO ref stoppage against David Martinez Rd 3




May 16th, 2014

Century Link Arena

Boise Idaho

Front Street Fights results:


Jesse Brock submission (3:55, 1st round) over Omar Avelar (Main Event)

Colton Vaughn knockout (0:54, 1st round) over Eti Palu (Co-Main Event)

Ricky Steele unanimous decision over Gabriel Paleyo (professional)

Miles Hunsinger submission (2:03, 2nd round) over Jordan Currie (professional)

Veta Arteaga submission (2:34, 1st round) over Billy Edney(amateur)

Darneal Stephens submission (2:27, 1st round) over Tristan Maes (amateur)

Thomas Hawkins unanimous decision over Derrick Urquidi (amateur)





Rage In The Cage Vll Results

Main Event-Pro 145 Title Fight
Talon Hofman wins via 1st rd submission against Chuck Fordyce

Co Main-Pro 185
Jordan Smith wins via TKO 1st rd against Colton Vaughn
Jesse Brock wins via TKO 2nd rd against Tiago Alves

Amateur Card

Josh Wick wins via verbal submission end of 1st against Armondo Rosas

Vince Morales wins 3 rd unanimous decision against Matt Jones

Karli Black wins 3 rd unanimous decision against Stephanie Hernandez

Chase Peel wins 1st rd armbar against Michael Cardona

Rayce Ranstrom wins 2nd rd TKO against Jeremiah Clemons

Darneal Stephens wins 3 rd unanimous decision against Robert Peel

Jordan Ransom wins 2nd rd armbar against Jeremy Calhoun

Rage in the cage 7 logo


XFS #62 Results
Great night of fights!
Jadon Shuey-Team Hardcore wins 3 rd Unanimous decision
Drew Laijoices-Team Hardcore wins 3 rd unanimous decision
Andrew Ragland-Team Hardcore wins 3 rd unanimous decision
Jeremy Jaramillo-Team Hardcore wins 3 rd unanimous decision
Vincente Delafuente No Excuse Mma wins via 2 rd rear naked choke
Karli Karli Marie Black Side kicks Martial Arts wins 3 rd unanimous decision
David Rangel-Fit for life health club wins 5 round unanimous decision
Meno Trevino-Jet House MMA wins 2 rd via rear naked choke

Stay tuned for pictures and video’s!


XFS #61 Results

Colin Garcia vs Talon Graf-Colin wins via armbar 1st round

Brandon Smith vs Mike McCool-Brandon wins TKO 1st round

Dale Hill vs Jeremy Smith-Dale wins 1st round TKO

Logan Smith vs Calvin Kerns-Logan wins 3 round split decision

Greg Frandsen vs Dominic Pierson-Greg wins 3 round Unanimous decision

Jameel Jones vs Lucas Perez-Jameel wins 1st round arm bar

Karli Black vs Amanda Campbell-Karli wins 3 round unanimous decision

Meno Travino vs Leno Ortiz-Meno wins after 1st round TKO

David Rangel vs Darneal Stephens-David wins 1st round rear naked choke

Kip Ramos vs Ryan Wagner-Kip wins 1ts round TKO ref stoppage


Revolution Concert and Events Center
November 9th

Greg Frandson defeated Santiago Moreno
Kick boxing 3 round split decision

Steven Stirewalt defeated Dave Bosquez
Kick boxing split desicion

Calvin Kerns defeated Ulises Calderon
MMA 3 round unanimous desicion

Michael Cardona defeated Jordan Ransom
MMA 3 round unanimous decision

Darnael Stephens defeated Jon Kimble
MMA 2nd round tapout

Jameson Deschazer defeated Jeffery Watts
MMA End of 1st round submission

John Gaylor defeated Ben Lopez
MMA 1st round TKO

Andrew Cruz defeated Josh Wick
MMA 3 round unanimous decision

Freddy Arteaga defeated Augustin Espinosa
MMA 1st round TKO

Johnny Nunez defeated Kerry Lattimer
MMA 1st round submission

Ultimate Cage Fighting Results
October 27th
Hailey Idaho
UCF #19


Santiago Moreno (Team No Excuse) wins 1st round leg triangle over Lonnie Scuggs
…(2:54 1st rd)

Dominic Pierson (Team Hardcore) Unanimous decision over Greg Knoepfel
3 rds (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Ben Lopez (Team No Excuse) wins 1st round arm triangle over Kevin Booth
(1:12 1st rd)

Billy Edney wins a split decision over Julie Daniels
3 rds (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Storm Anderson wins 1st round TKO ref stoppage over Brandon Smith
(2:59 1st rd)

Ryan Wagner wins 3rd round arm bar over Kavin Sigman
(1:35 3rd rd)

THANK YOU JOHN HOLSMAN for the update!

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Elite Muay Thai/MMA Championships
September 14th
Revolution Concert and Events Center

Rage in the Cage V
August 21st
Idaho Center

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