Front Street Fights 5 Results

by doug ~ May 20th, 2015


Results From Front Street Fights 5!
Main Event Jesse Brock unanimous decision over Bendy Casimir
Co Main Scott Thometz Unanimous decision over Darrell Flores
Pro Matthew Jones over Chris Bateman RNC Round 1
Pro Vince Morales over Joseph Cleveland by Tap out Round 1
Ammy Daniel Spitz over Russell Koharchick Split Decision
Ammy Lino Sanchez Unanimous decision over Tristan Maes
Ammy Austin Glenn Tap Out over Vince Carderelle Round 1


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Getting to know Austin Glenn

by doug ~ May 4th, 2015


Getting to know Stacie Lankford

by doug ~ April 6th, 2015


Tyler “Hulk Hands” Freeland

by doug ~ April 4th, 2015

With over 20 amateur mma fights and undefeated as a Professional, 2-0, Tyler “Hulk Hands” Freeland talks about his start in MMA and what lies ahead!
Check it out :)

Fearless MMA

by doug ~ April 4th, 2015

Fearles MMA

Thank You! Darrell Flores, Tyler Freeland and Stacie Lankford and the rest at Fearless MMA in Nampa Idaho!
It felt good getting back behind the video camera :)
Video’s coming soon!

Fearless MMA
103 12th Ave N.
Nampa Idaho 83687

And Still Undefeated!!

by doug ~ November 25th, 2014

Undefeated Amateur MMA Fighter
Meno Trevino

And Still!

And Still!


Thank you Jet House MMA for making a positive difference to the kids, our future :)

Jose Rexach Meno Trevino and Wayne Ross

Blast From The Past!

by doug ~ November 22nd, 2014

Meno vs Savage Williams

Going through all the pictures I have taken :)

XFS #62

Savage Williams vs Meno Travino

Idaho MMA was exciting and meaningful a few years ago!

Savage Williams with Team No Excuse from Caldwell

Meno Trevino with JET House MMA in Boise

Check out the fight below :)


Combat Fight Gear

by doug ~ November 12th, 2014

Combat Fight Gear


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Combat Fight Gear

Guy Gambino Teaching Combative Training

by doug ~ October 22nd, 2014

Daniel Johnson 3


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