And Still Undefeated!!

by doug ~ November 25th, 2014

Undefeated Amateur MMA Fighter
Meno Trevino

And Still!

And Still!


Thank you Jet House MMA for making a positive difference to the kids, our future :)

Jose Rexach Meno Trevino and Wayne Ross

Blast From The Past!

by doug ~ November 22nd, 2014

Meno vs Savage Williams

Going through all the pictures I have taken :)

XFS #62

Savage Williams vs Meno Travino

Idaho MMA was exciting and meaningful a few years ago!

Savage Williams with Team No Excuse from Caldwell

Meno Trevino with JET House MMA in Boise

Check out the fight below :)


Off of Facebook

by doug ~ November 18th, 2014

Facebook is truly a Social Media! And sometimes it is best to get out!

I have posted literally hundreds of fights and fighter video interviews and have promoted almost

every local MMA event for the last 3 years! (except Front Street Fights)

I have learned a lot! Mostly there are some great people associated with the sport in the Treasure Valley and throughout the state of Idaho and Eastern Oregon, however there are some that aren’t!

Facebook started getting personal with something that I love and care about, Idaho MMA!

Instead of me telling all the information I have uncovered, I will just store it away and bite my tongue, because they are truly not worth the effort :)

My priorities have changed!

Stay tuned :)


Thank you all for your friendship and support over the years! I sure learned a lot!!

Not just about me but learned a lot about each and everyone of you!


Doug Alvaro

Dbl fistsMean Face 3

Combat Fight Gear

by doug ~ November 12th, 2014

Combat Fight Gear


Click here to visit them on Facebook

Combat Fight Gear

Guy Gambino Teaching Combative Training

by doug ~ October 22nd, 2014

Daniel Johnson 3


SideKicks MMA Idaho

by doug ~ September 30th, 2014

Combative Self Defense SideKicks Guy Gambino165166167130

Darrell Flores recently competed in Resurection Fighting Alliance (RFA) in Denver and pulled off an awesome submission!
Watch and listen as Darrell describes it!
With Brandin Nichols


High Desert Harley-Davidson
2310 E. Cinema Dr
Meridian, Idaho 83642

September 27th!
Fan Give Back!

FREE to the public

Please mark your calenders :)
September 27th at High Desert Harley in Meridian

Everyone is invited!
Martial Artists and Mixed Martial Artist will tell their own “Bullying” story! PLUS,demonstrations and more!
Stay tuned here for more information and current updates.
Or follow me on Facebook

Getting to Know Chris Reyna video interview

by doug ~ August 23rd, 2014

Master Chris Reyna with SideKicks MMA Idaho has been involved in Martial Arts for over 30 years!
Chris talks about his start and the growth of Mixed Martial Arts and more!!!

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